Cafeteria Pagans

I’m tired of feeling like I have to justify why worshiping one pantheon in a recon way doesn’t fit me right now.  Do I want to have a single pantheon that I can call my own?  Yes.  Do I want to have a recon-influenced path?  Yes.  Is that what is working for me right now?  No.  Right now I am trying to work with a rather odd mix of Gods in order to improve myself and find my way.  I wish it didn’t look so haphazard, but it is what I can handle right now.  I tried it the other way.  It was too much too soon.  I’m not ready to commit to a pantheon.  I’m still trying to get a feel for the Gods that I’m working with.  These are the Gods that can and are willing to help me now.  I don’t think it’s where I’ll end up, but who knows?  I’m just tired of feeling like my way isn’t good enough.  If the Gods can handle that this is all I can pull myself together for right now, then that is all that matters.  A religious path is a personal thing.  Telling someone who isn’t claiming to be a member of an established community that they’re “doing it wrong” is like trying to interpret for their Gods.  Worry about your own relationships and leave mine alone.  You don’t have to like it, but you can treat it with basic respect.