Protection and Execrations

The topic of execrations has come up in my divination readings again.  It has been a while since I’ve done one.  I actually bought a pot a while ago, but I never painted or smashed it.  I usually just draw and write on paper, rip it up and burn it.   I am not the best at protecting myself.

I’ve done a little research into wards, but I’ve never implemented any of it.  I often don’t even think of asking my gods or my akhu (ancestors) for protection.  I have been building (a little) my relationship back up with my guardian angel (or whatever you want to call them), so that is someone else whom I could ask for help.

However I decide to go about it, my readings are making it quite clear that I need to do something.  External forces are bothering me.  It is time for an execration, simple though mine may be.  Since I have let things slide for a while, I may need to do a few execrations.  Trying to put up wards of some kind or asking for help wouldn’t be a bad idea either.  At the worst, they wouldn’t work, but I would be no worse off then when I started.  I guess I should get on that.


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