Visiting a Friend and Choosing My Path

I just got back from meeting with a friend of mine, I’ll call her L. L is a spirit worker for Hel. She has been helping me to figure out some confusing readings and put the pieces together. L has also reaffirmed what I have initially felt. My home is in kemeticism. The Norse gods have something to teach me right now, which is why I am being drawn to them. Eventually I may be drawn to other pantheons, but kemeticism will always be my home. I have a future as a community leader and possibly as a priestess. I may even help to establish a local kemetic group some day. Right now I need to absorb all the information that is around me and solidify my daily ritual routine. I need to connect with other pagan groups in the area to learn as much as I can and to form bonds.

In the future, I may devote myself fully to Djehuty. Right now, I have much to do for him as well as other gods. Now is not the time for oaths, but it is time for activity. Thankfully Djehuty is all about gaining knowledge, so I can dedicate some of my studying to him. ~_^ I will hopefully become a student soon of the local wiccan coven. I don’t identify as wiccan, but I can learn a great deal from them if they are willing. They have taken other pagan leaders under their wing to help grow them to maturity, and I have hope that they will help me on my path.

Magic and meditation are two very important things that I need to integrate into my life more. It will take work and dedication, two things from which I sometimes shy away. I need to invest time and energy into these practices, however. They will become an integral part of my path. I also need to trust my intuition. I’m not an empath, but I can intuitively feel energies a little bit. I need to trust this. I need to have confidence that I can differentiate my own feelings and energies from external ones.

I always wanted to be god-bothered, and now I am. It will be an interesting ride. It is likely that I will never have a direct “god-phone,” but that doesn’t mean that I can’t work with and for the gods. Hopefully I can live up to their expectations. More importantly, hopefully I can live up to mine. The path is mine to choose, that much is clear. I am choosing to work with and for the gods and the community. I have a long road ahead of me. Wish me luck.

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