Thrown for a Loop: Introducing Heathenry into my Practice

Things have been busy of late.  I’ve been feeling a pull towards the Norse pantheon as well as a pull towards Djehuty.  I’ve had a number of tarot/oracle/rune readings done to try to clarify these different threads.  A friend of mine introduced me to a reader whom she knows and feels can be non-biased since a few of my readings have come back with intense and surprising results.  The results that I feel confident with are that the Kemetic pantheon does want me to work with the Norse pantheon.  They want me to become more independent and to find a local community in which to participate.  There is a somewhat local group of heathens (in a city about an hour from my home) with whom I am friendly.  I have found a kemetic home online, though not one locally.

I hold kemeticism in my heart, so although I will be approaching the Norse pantheon according to their traditions, my thought process might be a little out of the ordinary.  I am very excited and very nervous.  I have felt such a strong pull, yet I know there will be many trials for me to go through.  I have been trying to cultivate a relationship with Loki and have now added Odin into the mix.  I’m a little nervous to encounter all of the other gods, but I want to be hospitable and make a place that will welcome them.

I’ve been thinking deeply about dedicating myself to Djehuty for a year in May.  I’m not sure how this would fit into getting to know the Norse pantheon.  I will have to contemplate it some more.  Perhaps it is not time yet.  I am hoping the reading with the local reader will help me to see this point more clearly.  He has been very “loud” in giving me signs.  I can still work closely with him and for him even if I have not taken an oath of dedication.  I know he approves of me working with the Norse gods.  The question that I have right now is whether or not this dedication would hinder the Norse gods in shaping me in the ways that I need.  I thought I had it figured out, but I guess I have some more contemplating to do.

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