Forging My Own Way

The more I travel down my path, the more I realize that it is an individual one.  Yes, I am a part of groups (ADF and Kemetic Orthodoxy), and yes, I do participate in them.  My mixture of worship and seeking spiritual truth is unique to me.  I have seen other people forge their own paths successfully.  The one factor I see in those whom I most admire is that their paths seem to be unique.  They all ended up going their individual ways.  I just have to trust myself and my Gods that I can find my own way.  I can forge the spiritual relationships and practices that I want.  I need to let go of comparing myself to others.  I am still at a beginning point in my path, and I need to remember that.  Others have worked hard to get where they are.  I need to trust that I can do that, too.


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