Imbolc 2015

Last night was our ADF Imbolc ritual in Lincoln.  We celebrated the Roman gods.  The ADF ceremony drew inspiration from Februalia.  Februus, Janus (the gatekeeper), and Tellus Mater, the Earth Mother.  I was inducted as the Pursewarden/Treasurer.  Our made me a stole with an embroidered fire, well, and tree on one side, and corn, coins, and a bull on the other.  It is dark green and beautiful.  The leader of our proto-grove gave me an ancient Roman coin (c. 350 CE).

My induction oath:

“I hereby swear to uphold the worship of the Kindreds, to uphold my duties to our Grove, and to uphold my duties to Ar n’Draiocht Fein to the best of my abilities.”

I need to get a list of the duties again so I can stay on top of them.  The Kindreds consist of the Gods, the land spirits, and my ancestors, so some of that is echoed in my kemetic practice.  I want to expand my practice to include my ancestors and the land spirits more.  This is good motivation.

At the ritual, I encountered a woman whom I had met before and whom I greatly respect.  She is a heathen who does spirit work, including a lot of work with Hel.  We have begun communicating, and I hope that she will help me on my path.

On a different note, I have begun to learn hieroglyphic writing as an offering for Djehuty.  I am focusing on the reading and writing aspect, not the pronunciation.  I actually seem to be making a little progress.  Maybe I will be able to read some of the inscriptions in Egypt.  I’m hoping to visit there towards the end of 2016.

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