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I have had several readings (by myself and others) and signs indicating that Ra is around and wants some type of relationship from me. What exactly He wants, I have no idea. I know that not everyone gets a long with every god, but I’ve heard from a number of people that aren’t big Ra fans. It makes me feel hesitant towards Him, though I know everyone is different. I am trying to listen to myself more. It is hard. I don’t want to give my intuition credit for anything because I’m afraid of messing up and appearing full of myself or appearing to have abilities that I don’t possess. Perhaps He is here to teach me to rely on my own strength. I don’t know. Rough waters seem to be ahead. I’m not looking forward to them, but I’m hoping that I’ll come out a stronger and more independent individual. I will try to open my heart up to Ra and see what happens.


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  1. henadology
    Feb 02, 2015 @ 19:31:44

    I wouldn’t listen too closely to negative things people say about a God to whom they aren’t called at all. What is at the periphery of our practice can appear negative, just because it’s not in the light. I really wouldn’t worry about messing up, either. Re wouldn’t be reaching out to you in order to set you up for a fall.


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