An Update

I apologize that it has been a while since I updated this blog.  Stress, mental health issues, vacation, school and work were all factors.  I’m starting to regain my footing, however, so I will make an extra effort to post.  Thank you for your patience.

I celebrated the solstice by attending an ADF ritual.  We honored Sunna, Heimdall, and Nerthus.  I am still shy around the group, so I didn’t make any individual offerings.  It was a moving ritual.  It was also nice to talk to some Pagans face-to-face.  I don’t have a lot of interaction offline with Pagans, so I value the time when I get to share my faith in person.  I volunteered to write the next ADF ritual.  I’m very nervous, but at least I’ll have the old rituals to use as a guide.  The two women who usually write them honor the Greek and Norse pantheons.  They wanted to try something different.  ADF is exclusive to Indo-European pantheons, so unfortunately the Kemetic pantheon is not an option.  I would like to eventually cover all of the pantheons available to ADF, but I thought that I would start with the Slavic pantheon.  This will take some research, as I am not very familiar with it.  I am not sure exactly how my Gods will take it, but as long as I keep honoring Them, I think it will be okay.  If nothing else, maybe Hekate can run interference.

I have not been perfect about doing my daily offerings, but I am trying.  Set has come into my life, so I’ll see where that goes.  Our relationship is just beginning.  I still use tarot card and oracle cards as my main way of hearing my Gods.  I did a reading for a friend upon her request, my first reading for someone other than myself, and I was happy with the results after she told me more about the situation.  It showed me, however, that I need to trust the cards and my Gods a little more because I was hesitant about my original interpretation.  My skills are still very amateurish, but I put a lot of trust in my Gods that They’ll communicate what They want me to know.

I have been spending some time on tumblr, trying to get to know the Kemetic community there better as well as learning more about some social justice issues.  It has become more of a personal blog.  I think there are a few people on there that my Gods really wanted me to meet.  It has definitely been an interesting experience.  I will try to be better about taking some of my short bursts from there and formulating them into posts here.  I doubt myself a lot and compare myself to other people (which I am working on), so I am hesitant to posts some things.  This is meant to document my journey, however, so I will fight the fears in the hope that someday it may be helpful to someone else starting down this path.  Thank you all for following me.

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