Loving Gods

What does it mean to me to love my Gods?  Growing up as a Roman Catholic, I was taught to love the Christian God above all.  The teaching of putting the Divine first has stayed with me.  To me, loving Gods means to put Them first in my life.  I don’t have to always agree with Them (They don’t always agree with each other), but They have wisdom beyond my abilities.  Because I love Them, I want to please Them.  This means trying to improve my life in ways that They would approve of and trying to follow Their advice.  This also means giving Them gifts and sharing with Them both because I want to and because it pleases Them.

To love my Gods means to feel joy simply from knowing of Their existence.  I bask in Their presence.  I strive to please Them.  I praise Them because my heart runs over with happiness.  They deserve honor.  I thank Them for all the gifts that They have given to me.  I make offerings to Them in order to share a part of myself and my life with Them in a small way.  Sometimes the love that I have for my Gods is like the respectful love that I have for my parents.  I am in awe of Their abilities and the traits that They hold dear.  I seek out Their protection and advice.  I want to bring Them honor.  Other times it is like the intimate love that I have for my close friends.  They make me laugh and cheer me up.  They make me take a serious look at my actions.  They make me want to reflect back the love that I feel from Them.  I would never classify my love as purely one way or another.  My Gods fill my life in so many different capacities that it would be impossible to pigeonhole Them into one area.

I feel love for my Gods when I see Their fingerprints on my life and the world around me.  This love fosters love and respect for Their handiwork.  A book reminds me of my love for Djehuty, which causes me to cherish the book more.  His love for knowledge is encouraging me to go back to school.  A strong, compassionate act of a friend reminds me of my love for Sekhmet-Mut, and I cherish this friend more as she embodies one of the traits I love about my Goddess.  The sunny day reminds me of Shu and Ra.  I feel a love for the brightness that They bring to life.  My coworker who likes to play practical jokes reminds me of Loki when he cheers me up.  I ask for help, and it shows up.  My Gods are present in my life, and I feel Their love.  How can I respond in any other way than loving Them back?


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