My Devotional Routine

I have a daily devotional routine that I do before I go to bed in the morning.  I don’t always manage it, but I try.  This post is a brief overview of what I do for those who are interested.

Preparation: Brush teeth, shower, pull hair back, put on dress clothes, put on religious jewelry, prepare and bring my offerings down to my altar (it’s in the basement), put incense stick the holder, and open my notebook to my prayers.

Devotional Routine:


I light the candle(s) and incense.

I call to Djehuty/Thoth, Sekhmet-Mut, Hekate, Anpu/Anubis, and Loki by Their names and a few epithets.

I have written a prayer for each of these Gods.  I read the first prayer and offer a libation to the God.  If I’m using tea, I prepare it ahead of time and lift the cup instead of pouring it at the altar.  Other liquids I pour at the altar.  Each Deity gets a separate cup.  I try to give my Deities the liquids of Their choice, so Djehuty might get tea while Someone Else gets juice.

After the prayers and the libation offerings, I offer food and state my other offerings (candle flames, incense, thanks).  I ask for continued guidance and blessings.

Then I sit and chat.  My altar is low to the ground, so sitting brings me level to it. I also like to be more informal when I talk about my day and what I’m doing.  I perform different forms of divination.  Usually this is to determine what I need to focus on in the day ahead.  Sometimes these turn into conversations.  If I have a specific question, I will divine for that instead.  I have a tarot deck that I use for Hekate (the New Mythic Tarot) and a deck that I use for the Egyptian Deities (Book of Doors).  (Hekate loves to point out what I’m avoiding or need to work on.  Sometimes these “conversations” turn into all out fights, though She ends up being right. >_<)

I record my offerings and divinations in a notebook.

I rise, thank the Deities individually, blow out the candles, and take the offerings upstairs to consume them.

My Hestia statue is upstairs.  I have a LED candle that I keep on unless I light an actual candle for her.  I leave a libation of water at Her statue and pour it outside the next day.  I currently don’t have a specific prayer that I say to Her.

This is my general routine.  I’m slowly trying to add some meditation time into it, though I haven’t been consistent as of yet.

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