Oracular Session and a General Update

Satsekhem periodically does a limited number of oracular sessions for Sekhmet.  I asked her to do one for me this time concerning my relationships with Djehuty and Sekhmet.  I wondered if there was something else that I should be doing to build those relationships.  According to the session, They view me with caring and affection.  My worry about the relationships is needless, but it will impact those relationships if I keep pressing it.  There were a few other minor points, but those were the major take-aways.  It leads back to the fact that I need to trust in the Gods and Their love.

I also need to trust in myself.  Some of the points brought up in the session are points that have also been popping up in my cards.  I don’t fully understand all of it, but I have to trust that I am able to receive communication through my cards.  I have to trust that my love for the Gods and my striving to do better will be enough.  If it is not, I have to trust that They will let me know.

Now that I am feeling more secure in my relationships with my Gods, I need to spend sometime contemplating other aspects of Kemeticism and religion in general.  It is time for me to do some serious thinking about what ma’at is and how it relates to my life.  I see ma’at as a type of balance, but I’m not sure how that applies to my life.  What is balance for me?  That is what I need to examine.  I also need to look at developing some kind of ethical structure for my life.  I want my religion to reflect more than just my relationships with my Gods.  It might be helpful to go back and reread some information about the ethical systems of the Heathens and the Hellenics since I include Loki, Hekate, and Hestia in my practices.  I should go to a coffee shop and do some writing to process my thoughts.  I just wish it wasn’t so cold outside.

In other news, I received a few books on Loki and His family that I’ve been reading through.  Getting myself to sit down for meditation is still a struggle.  I’m not sure why I’m fighting against it so much, but I will continue to try to take some time for it.  I also need to focus on the mundane parts of my life a little more.  Cleaning, family, and writing need a little more time, though not necessarily in that order.  My car has been making some unhealthy sounds, so I should probably take it into the shop.  My time at work also deserves more attention.  I need to do my yearly reviews.  Contemplating Deities and life is a little more interesting than sweeping and paperwork.  Religion has usually held a central place in my life, but I need to remember I can attend to the Gods and still get my day-to-day stuff done.  I guess it’s all about finding balance.

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