H is for Hestia

Hestia is the Greek Goddess of the hearth and home, and my Goddess of the home.  I feel like I’ve been neglecting Her recently, so I decided to do this post about Her.

Hestia is the first Daugher of Cronus and Rhea and the eldest Sister of Zeus.  She is a maiden Divinity, Who, when pursued by Apollo and Poseidon, swore to remain a virgin forever.  As a Goddess of the hearth, Hestia is associated with fire.  In the Hellenic tradition, offerings to the Gods were fed to a fire.  She is often invoked first when giving any sacrifices to the Greek Gods by those following this tradition.

I have a statue of Hestia in my living room with an LED candle that I always keep on for Her unless I light a real candle to offer to Her.  I have recently started to leave her a libation of water in the morning which gets poured outside into the garden the next day.  Orphic hymns were often recited as offerings to the Gods. I am going to try to read Her Orphic hymn or write Her a prayer to read to Her in the mornings when I come home from work, before I do my “nightly” devotions at my main altar.  I also offer my cleaning efforts to Hestia.

Note: Below contains some of my UPG.  YMMV.

I’ve been getting a sad feeling of sadness from Her recently.  I don’t know if it is guilt from me neglecting Her or neglecting my house, but I plan to work to change that.  I find Hestia to be a gentle and loving Goddess.  I have heard Her referred to as a loving Aunt by other devotees, and I think this description fits Her.  She inspires me to battle the apathy that comes with my depressions in order to take care of my surroundings.  The chaos around me affects the chaos of my mind, and She wants only peace for me.


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