My Love for Djehuty

I’ve been wondering lately if my my tarot “conversations” are all in my mind.  Is it really Djehuty responding?  Does it really matter?  It doesn’t change the love that I have for Him.  He brightens my day.  He lightens my heart, which is a gift.  If I was to learn that He knew nothing of me or didn’t like me I would still have to be thankful for all of the ways in which thoughts of Him have brightened my heart.  I might try harder to change His mind, but I would still love Him.  I would like to think that I would always give Him thanks for the benefits that I have received.  He makes me brave enough to write.  He makes me smile when I am down by simply thinking of the “Djehuty booty.”  He dances in my mind and encourages me to dance along with Him.  He pushes me to be a better, brighter self.  I hope that I can divine some of His answers to my questions, but even if I can’t, I hope that I will always be able to love Him.


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