G is for Good Food and Drink

I know, “offerings” starts with O, but I’m fudging here a bit.  Working between pantheons, I struggled with how to dispose of my offerings.  When I started in the Hellenic pantheon, I just offered liquids and poured them out front in the garden.  A side note, be careful to aim for the actual dirt because red wine on the garden wall will leave stains.  As I got more involved with the Kemetic pantheon, I considered reverting offerings and eating/drinking them.  I spent a while trying to decide.  Should I just revert the Kemetic offerings?  If I give the Kemetic Gods food, then I should give the Others food, and what do I do with those offerings?  I eventually decided to revert almost everything.  Occasionally I’ll feel a pull to pour something outside, but usually what gets offered gets consumed.

So, what do I offer?  My standard nightly devotion includes wholegrain bread with honey.  I started off offering crackers because that is what I had, but I don’t think that went over too well.  The bread seems to satisfy Everyone.   I’ll add or replace it with strawberries, grapes, black olives, a blueberry muffin, or chocolate.  I think Sekhmet-Mut really likes the strawberries and the chocolate always seems to go over well.  The black olives are mainly for Hekate’s preference.  I offer my food on a small plate.  I don’t currently have a plate that I keep separate for food offerings, though maybe I should.  I don’t have specific glassware set aside either, though the wine glasses and coffee/tea mugs that I use don’t actually get used for anything else.  Initially, everything got offered into the same cup.  Then I felt pulled to other pantheons and felt separate cups between pantheons was required.  (“Felt” . . . Sekhmet-Mut insisted . . . one of those things.)  Finally, it just seemed like Everyone wanted Their own cups.  Five cups, every night, unless there are “Guests”.  There hasn’t been a “Guest,” however, since Anpu showed up, and He has become one of the regulars.  Djehuty, Sekhmet-Mut, Hekate, Anpu, and Loki.  They don’t get filled all the way up because I have to drink them, but Everyone gets a bit.

What do They like to drink?  Well, it depends.  Sekhmet and Hekate usually get V8 V-Fusion Light Pomegranate Blueberry juice (yes, it’s red) or red wine.  Everybody has had the juice or wine at some point, but I don’t think either is Everybody’s favorite.  Occasionally Sekhmet will get a whole Killian’s Irish Red beer.  I bought some red roobios tea to try with Her, but I haven’t yet.  Hekate and Sekhmet got straight pomegranate juice once, but that tasted awfully strong to me, so I might save that just for special occasions.  Hekate seemed to really like it.  Djehuty prefers chai lattes.  He seems to like chai tea a lot, but before bed (which happens to be early in the morning since I work overnights) I drink it in latte form.  If I have straight tea during the day, I’ll offer him a cup.  Sometimes the latte gets split with Loki and Anpu, though Loki prefers caramel coffee.  I usually won’t drink coffee before bed unless it’s the weekend, so sometimes I’ll go out during the day and get one.  Also, I’m not made of money to go constantly buying lattes and coffees.  I had a bottle of Rum Chata from Christmas, so sometimes Djehuty, Loki, and Anpu will just get a shot each from that.  Loki really seemed to like the Rum Chata when I put it in his chai latte.  I’ve also offered water, though that’s not usually my standard offering.  I try to stick with juice, but it seems that there is rarely a night when Everybody is on the same page.  I suppose that is another reason for the separate glasses.  I just go with my gut and what I have on hand.

Individual Deities will get offerings during the day, depending on what I’m having and Who wants it.  Right now, though, my “nightly” devotions are usually when Everyone gets Their offerings.  It definitely makes going to the grocery store more interesting.  When I go out to eat, occasionally I’ll order something with Someone in mind.  One Saturday morning after work I wanted to celebrate, so everyone got a full allotment.  A 20 oz chai latte, a 20 oz caramel coffee, 2 beers, and some wine.  I spent the whole next day (Saturday afternoon after sleeping) reverting the offerings.  It takes a long time to drink that much liquid.  I don’t think I’ll ever offer that much all at once again.  My usual drink of choice is Diet Coke, so I’ve had to expand my palette to appease the Gods.  Who knows, maybe one day they’ll even get me to cook.

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