At Work

I’ve been honoring Loki for a short while now and been wondering why He hasn’t seemed to make His presence known more.  I’ve misplaced a few things, but, though it could be Him, it’s nothing new to me.  The other day, my coworker came by and flipped the layout of my computer screen and then nonchalantly walked away.  So there it was, a sideways screen staring back at me, when I realized that I work with Loki.  This new friend has come into my life full of laughter and pranks.  While I prayed to the God of Mischief, He sent one of His own.  My friend isn’t a pagan, and I don’t mean to infer that he is a follower of Loki.  He simply possesses a few of the trickster characteristics and has brought laughter and fun into my life.  Loki knew that I what I was really asking for was a friend, and He provided.  Hail, Loki!  Praise to the God of Mischief!


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