Bookshelves and Wax

I got new bookshelves.  All I had to do was to wake up and answer the phone at 10:30 Saturday morning, tell my mom yes, buy the bookshelves, and help my husband move them in that night.  Two tall bookshelves for a total of $20.00.  I have been wanting and needing them.  I finally got to move my pagan books out from under the futon.  I’ll probably put my other religious books (Catholicism/Judaism/Buddhism et al) on them as well.  I might use a shelf or two for shrines.  Right now, everything is combined together on my altar, which is a large but low plastic storage box set against the wall.

The spare room is slowly turning into my shrine room/library.  There is some random storage going on in part of the room, but I hope to change that.  The scattered framed artwork sitting against the walls needs to be hung or moved elsewhere.  I’d like to move the ironing board out (since I don’t really use it) and put a desk or more bookshelves in, but we’ll see.

I have to figure out what to do about candles.  Right now I just have a small one in a holder on my altar.  I had a bunch of full size candles, but the wax got everywhere.  I know my Gods like the flames, but five lit regular size candles on an altar with an assortment of everything else was getting to be a bit of a fire hazard.  Besides, Everyone seemed to want Their own candles, and Hekate wanted two.  Having one for Everyone seems to even the field.  I wouldn’t mind using a bigger one than I have, though.  Maybe I’ll look for a tall candle in a container.  A really fat one would probably be too big, but I think I could handle a tall one with a bigger flame.  As long as there is something to keep the wax from going everywhere.  I ruined my altar cloth with wax, but I’m too sentimentally attached to change it out for anything else yet.  It is red and black, and I picked it up when I was in Tanzania in 2005.  Eventually I’ll change it out, but it has to be for something meaningful.


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