F is for Fierce Compassion

This is my first try at writing a post for the Pagan Blog Project 2014, so please bear with me.  This post includes UPG and my own opinions, so it is okay if you disagree or would prefer not to read it.

I have been honoring and working with Sekhmet for a few months now, so I thought I’d write about her fierce compassion.  A few nights ago, however, She let me know that it is Sekhmet-Mut with whom I’ve been working.  I don’t know much about Deity Syncretizations.  I know that Deities were sometimes worshiped in combined forms, but I’m not sure how I think that translates to the real world.  I’m a hard polytheist, so I’m not exactly sure how to view Sekhmet-Mut.  That topic is for a future post after I’ve had some time to digest it.  The paragraph below I wrote before She told me She is Sekhmet-Mut, not just Sekhmet.  It doesn’t feel right to change it, but I thought I’d just add this little disclaimer.

Sekhmet represents fierce compassion to me.  Yes, She is just plain fierce.  She devours my anger and hunts down those that destroy ma’at.  She can be unforgiving and harsh.  I wouldn’t want to cross Her.  She is a Goddess of Retribution and Healing.  She demands that I do the best for myself, but She has compassion for all of us as imperfect human beings.  She reminds me that humans are imperfect in general and deserve the opportunity to correct their mistakes.  Sekhmet reminds me that we all have failures.  If we strive to uphold ma’at, we should not be beaten down by our fallacies.  I’m not saying that no one should be held accountable.  I think Sekhmet would be the last one to back that.  We are all responsible for our actions.  Fierce compassion doesn’t excuse the destruction of ma’at.  It offers understanding to those who falter but try to get back up.  We all slip.  It is far more useful if we spend our time helping each other back up.  Would you rather have a helping hand or a chastising laugh when you are on your knees?  We all fall to our knees at some point.  Sekhmet offers me a hand to help me back up.  Sekhmet brooks no excuses, but She is always there with a fierce compassion for those who work to lift themselves up.


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