Calendars Part 2 – Calendar In Progress

I have recently been looking into how to calculate a Kemetic Calendar.  The new year in Ancient Egypt was determined by when Sirius first appeared on the horizon after a 70 day absence.  People calculate this differently.  Some look at the time of twilight, while others use the actual sunrise.  Some wait until they think there is enough time to spot Sirius on the horizon before the sunrise.  There is even the location of the person to consider.  Do you want to use the rising of Sirius in relation to Cairo or the rising in relation to your personal geographic location?  I based my calculations on the time that Sirius appears before twilight in relation to my hometown, placing the first day of the current Kemetic civil year on August 9th, 2013.  I used this site to help me determine the structure and start date for my Kemetic calendar.  The links on that site are also useful for researching the specific holidays.

I plan on laying out a calendar for both the 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 Kemetic years to help me get of feel of when major holidays are.  I have printed off blank months and filled in the precise dates of each day of the season and month (with the help of some espresso) for the current (2013-2014) Kemetic year.  I’ve also added the new moons to the calendar and plan to use them to determine the lunar Kemetic and Hellenic calendars.

I’m currently investigating the different holidays and trying to determine which ones I’d like to celebrate.  I am consider repeating certain festivals every month to honor specific Deities more than once or twice a year.  For example, there is a festival of Djehuty on 19 Akhet I.  I might honor Him on the 19th of every Kemetic civil month.

I am currently using Hellenion’s calendar as a cheat sheet for the Hellenic calendar and holidays.  When I finish an initial run of determining which Kemetic holidays I will include, I plan on going through the Hellenic holidays to combine them with my Kemetic calendar.  Again, I will pick the ones important to me and possibly assign certain monthly days to certain Deities.

Laying out dates is a start.  I’m excited to get into investigating what each of the holidays is about (if we know) and how it was and is celebrated.  It is exhilarating to think that at some point I might have a whole year’s worth of holidays and reasons to celebrate my Gods.


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