The Calendar Jumble

The Cauldron Blog Project theme for March is Calendars, Cycles, and Patterns.  My calendar is basically non-existent.  I do nightly devotionals honoring Hekate, Djehuty, Loki, and Sekhmet.  I celebrate the Wheel of the Year holidays with the local ADF proto-grove as a way of participating in the community.  I have honored the occasional Hellenic holiday or specific Gods as things come up.

The ancient calendars are filled with holidays.  I don’t want to celebrate each one, but I have to know the when, what, and Who of the holiday before I decide.  The Hellenic calendar is based on the phases of the moon.  According to the Hellenic calendar, Hekate is associate with the new moon.  The last new moon passed by unnoticed, so I’m thinking of setting alerts on my phone for the phases of the moon and/or holidays.  I’m looking into using Google’s calendar program.  I’m also trying to piece together a Kemetic calendar.  I would like to honor Djehuty and Sekhmet on dates that are relevant for Them.  There are other Netjeru that I want to honor as well, so it is important to me to learn the Kemetic holidays. Combing the Hellenic, Kemetic, and present day solar calendar presents a challenge, but it is definitely possible.  My involvement with Loki is very new.  I don’t foresee me adding Heathen holidays, but those might be famous last words.

March feels like a Sekhmet month to me.  She has been helping me a lot of late, so I would like to do something for Her.  27 Peret IV is Sekmet is Angry in the Land of Temhu.  If I’m correct in my calculations, that falls on March 29th this year.  I don’t know what I would do for it, but finding the date is a start.  April 1st seems like an appropriate day to honor Loki, so April might be dedicated to Him.  Ideally, Everyone should get a set day each month.  This will take time to establish, especially since I’m working with multiple calendars.  They might just get the nightly rituals for now and have a turn on a month by month basis as I piece a calendar together.  It is a slow going process made slower by the fact that I have spending my time elsewhere.

It is my intention to do something monthly for Hestia and for my guardian angel.  I keep a real candle or a battery-powered one lit around the clock for Hestia, but I feel like I should do something in addition to that.  I”ll have to see if She had a set day in ancient Greece.  My guardian angel helps me all the time, but I’m not sure how to insert a monthly thank you.  The Hellenics honored their agathos daemons on the second of the lunar month, so I could do that.

I also want to do something for my ancestors.  I plan to eventually set up an ancestor altar or shrine.  Finding the space might be a little challenging.  My house is whirlwind of stuff, and flat surfaces are at a premium.  I am currently in search of finding another bookshelf or two.  Writing a prayer to the ancestors would be a start.  I have to remember that there is a first step for everything.

This is the current disarray of my calendar.  It is mostly a jumble of ideas and research that is yet to be done.  I am trying to create something that is significant for me.  My hope is that I’ll have something set by the end of the year, but we’ll see.  For now, I’m working on a month by month basis.

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