These are the main Gods that I work with and honor.  I do not hear or see Them.  I do use tarot to determine some messages, and I do feel “nudges.”  You are free to think whatever you like, so please allow me the same courtesy.

Hekate:  She is an ancient Greek Goddess Who is my spiritual guide.  Although She is a Goddess of magic and witchcraft, I have not sought Her aide in those matters.  She is the Key-bearer and Guide to me.

Hestia:  She is the ancient Greek Goddess of the hearth.  I ask Her to bless my home.

Djehuty (Thoth):  He is the ancient Egyptian God of wisdom and writing.  He makes me smile.  He is very patient with my beginning skills and my desire to write.  I didn’t realize that He was a trickster when I first approached Him, but He brings joy to my life.  Although I am working on my writing, I see that He has so much more to offer.  I am hoping to learn more about Him as time goes on.

Sekhmet:  She is an ancient Egyptian Goddess who can bring great pain or great healing.  I ask Her to help me with my anger.

Loki:  He is a Debate with Norse origins.  I believe that He is a Norse God and a well-meaning trickster, but there are many who would disagree.  I am asking Him to help me make some changes in my life and waiting for the answer.  He appeared vulnerable in a dream I had, and my interest was piqued.  The Other Gods I specifically sought out, Loki just seemed to pop in my head one day.


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